August 2, 2016

Small Business Website Design Company

Design / Re-design

Small Biz Web Solution offers the ability to keep your costs low, while still having a dynamic well designed site. You have the option to either have your site built using an existing template or a custom design. The most important part of every website is the exposure your business receives. This is done by also installing title & meta data, as well as copy analysis for Search Engine Optimization. All sites are researched and built using current SEO standards and guidelines.
*Starting at $500/project


When it comes to the internet nothing is ever set in stone. Small Biz Web Solution will offer you the ability to customize your web site as you see fit. Your website can be designed by a team member or you can instruct how it should look. The bottom-line is that Small Biz Web Solution can use nearly any layout, any color, or any font. Your pre-designed graphics and photos can be used or a graphic designer can create entirely new graphics. Small Biz Web Solution is never an “out of the box” product. Customers visiting your site should feel like they walked into your business.

Tableless Layouts

CSS positioning is overly supported in all modern browsers. Small Biz Web Solution builds all sites using tableless DIV based web design. Doing so allows the content to be placed anywhere you would like in the layout. First and foremost benefits of removing tables from the website will improve your search engine rankings, and save up to 75% of your website bandwidth. Small Biz Web Solution websites give you complete control over every aspect in a single style sheet. Tableless design is cost effective and time saving.
*Included with all projects

Hand Coded

All Small Biz Web Solution sites are hand coded to meet W3C standards using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, and designed to be easy to update and highly visible to search engines. Every website produced is thoroughly tested on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.
*Included with all projects

Website Graphics

Some websites need a lot of graphics and photos, while others need only a few. Some simply need a fresh splash of color. Every website built will include the graphics needed for headers, footers and pages. During the discovery process Small Biz Web Solution will be able to determine an appropriate plan of action. Click here for a free website consultation.

Email Marketing Graphics

Delivering the appropriate message is an important part of email marketing, but the next important part is making sure that every piece fits together. Small Biz Web Solution offers email design solutions for graphics and layouts by working with your current email service provider to ensure that all of your email subscribers are delivered the messages you want them to receive.

Electronic Banner & Print Ad Graphics

Advertising on the internet is not only important for the visual exposure, but having external links to your site continues to build your website’s page rank. By having clean and attractive banners and ads you increase the click-through rate as well, which means you build your page rankings even more. Affiliate and ad networks have specific formats to follow. Small Biz Web Solution works with the networks to follow their specifications, so you don’t have too.

Website Copywriting

Small Biz Web Solution uses an in-house copywriter. You will be written exceptional website copy that makes your company stand out. This will engage your readers, clearly explain your company’s services and/or products, and get readers to take action. In short, Small BizWeb Solution will make your readers think “yes, this is exactly what I was looking for”. Because that’s the point of your website.
*Starting at $100/page

Social Media

Small Biz Web Solution will help you get all your social media marketing services in one place; from account set-up and creation, to daily monitoring and maintenance. Custom profile images and graphics are included. Small Biz Web Solution will post to, monitor and update your social media accounts for you. This lifts brand awareness, engages with communities and drives traffic and leads to your website. Social media marketing is becoming one of the fastest ways to grow an on-line presence.
*Starting at $150/page